Goodwala Paisa

To earn from goodwala post you need to be Register GoodWala Sadasya (RGWS), to become RGWS click here . You earn one time NGWP of 100 .

With goodwalapost you can earn  goodwala paisa (GWP) , there are two type of GWP :

  1. Nishkriy GoodWala Paisa (NGWP)
  2. Sakriy GoodWala Paisa (SGWP)

To Earn Nishkriya GoodWala Paisa ( NGWP)  from goodwala post is very easy , you earn NGWP by performing all below activity at :

  1. By daily visiting
  2. By Viewing content (different post) of goodwalapost.
  3. By Daily Login in your member area.
  4. By Commenting on post.
  5. By Clicking on link
  6. By referring link to others

Also you will be  promoted to author once you attain 5000 NGWP level and there after you start earning NGWP for publishing content ( WGELS) and also get different chance of earn SGWP.

This Nishkriy GoodWala Paisa (NGWP) can be used in our Point Shop to get Sakriy GoodWala Paisa (SGWP) .

Click here to know about Sakriy GoodWala Paisa (SGWP) .