Goodwala Paisa

To  earn from goodwala post you need to be Register GoodWala Sadasya (RGWS), to become RGWS click here . You earn one time NGWP of 100 .

With goodwalapost you can earn  goodwala paisa (GWP) , there are two type of GWP :

  1. Nishkriy GoodWala Paisa (NGWP)
  2. Sakriy GoodWala Paisa (SGWP)

To Earn Nishkriya GoodWala Paisa ( NGWP)  from goodwala post is very easy , you earn NGWP by performing all below activity at :

  1. For registering as member ( one time)- upto 501 NGWP- Register Here
  2. For Visiting us daily- upto 51 NGWP
  3. For viewing post point- upto 11 NGWP
  4. For give your comments  on post – upto 101 NGWP ( you earn point only for approved comments only)
  5. For clicking Links and reading- upto 11 NGWP
  6. For referring goodwalapost to friends and relative – upto 51 NGWP
  7. For getting relative and friends registered with goodwalapost – upto 101 NGWP

Also you will be  promoted to author/contributor  once you attain 5000 NGWP level and there after you start earning NGWP for publishing content ( WGELS) and also get different chance of earn SGWP.We will send you mail to explain same to go ahead to achieve 5000 NGWP .

This Nishkriy GoodWala Paisa (NGWP) can be used in our Point Shop to get Sakriy GoodWala Paisa (SGWP) .

Click here to know about Sakriy GoodWala Paisa (SGWP) .